Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Evony Free Account

Evony .com Has Free Accounts

I've been playing the Evony game for a couple of months and find it pretty interesting - so long as I keep logging in often enough not to miss the first few hours off beginners protection (7days or until you upgrade your town hall past level 4). I've had a few re-starts as I learn the game but the strategic building game is pretty cool.

evony .com

Make sure you follow the "quests" help - there's a button for it in your dashboard area. A repteated tip to go with what was just said above...DONT upgrade your "Townhall" too fast. Stay under level 5 or else 'beginners protection' comes off. Try to build your resources up - that's "food," "iron," "stone," and "lumber." Later in the game, of course, you can buy resources, but for the starting period, make sure to build as high as you can.

You can build resources to a higher level than 4 but some other buildings, you won't be able to advance levels until your Townhall is past level 4. Naturally, if you have resources stockpiled, once your beginners protection comes off, you'll be able to do a lot of quick buying and selling in order to keep building and stay away from getting CLOBBERED.

Also - if you keep your stats as far as buildings go (lower level buildings), the pro players have a tendency (sometimes) to leave you alone for a little while, thinking your space/town isn't very worthy. This tactic works for about another WEEK's worth of play time while you continue to hone your resources and "skills" at your academy.

Good luck - hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zero Points For Homeless Awareness Content

I've been involved sort of half-heartedly with a game that was promoted through Facebook a while back. It's called HoboWars. The game has an urban setting and members are hobos or homeless people who must navigate around a city to do such activities as panhandling outside of a store, attempting to go to school to get smarter (starting from grade 1??), and trying to avoid a thorough SH*T-kicking at the hands of other hobos.

I don't even have to ask how much creators of this game relied on the most general, obvious and dramatic stereotypes of hobos or homeless people, but a store which sells weapons to hobos in this game so they can beat each other or protect themselves from being beaten on is just a bit too much!

I know it is a game - and as I already said, I've been "INVOLVED" with playing this online RPG game for a while. Mostly, I log in and find out that dozens of players have attacked me while I have been logged out, and that the players with the highest scores have earned 5-digit money amounts in order to purchase weapons with which to beat me while I'm away lol

Naturally, the game strays quite far from real life situations. In which city that you know of are hobos able to come up with from $6, 000 to $13, 000 to purchase a long length of pipe for either protection or a weapon? lol

Some of the weapons cost 5-digit sums!

I continue to shake my head at the "storyline" here, though the game has some interesting features like many other RPGs online. If I can continue to barely stomach the graphics and tone of this game, and it's insinuations that hobos are stupid (in need of education, starting with grade 1) and horrendously violent (a weapon store?), then I am still interested to see what I find around town in this game - aside from other player/hobo interactions.

One part of the game that I do find interesting, and from where nobody inside the game seems to actively beat on me, is the section where I can wander around just looking for cans, bottles, dropped money, and odd items. I gather a lot of money sometimes during my wandering, and then I can take the money to my bank account.

Strangely enough - I am a hobo in the game - who has no less than a tidy sum of $11, 000 in my bank account most of the time!

I purchased a FORK - for PROTECTION and as a weapon - for a mere $6, 000 a couple of months ago...

I purchased a CUP - a styrofoam cup - to use defensively as a weapon a couple of months ago, too. I cannot remember how much I paid for the cup now but it was a 4-digit cost to me - you know, the kind of styrofoam cup that would be FREE to any hobo in real life? One that a hobo would get for free when getting a drink at the doctor's (even a free health clinic) office - and would also contain a drink of free water or juice?

Perhaps I just continue to play this game out of that same kind of human mind phenomenon which makes people stand and stare at serial killer photographs in newspapers after the serial killers are incarcerated for life........ there's no purpose in this - nobody will RUN INTO the serial killer again, but everyone gawks and stares...

Morbid curiosity!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Google Makes Random Checks For Spam Content

Google Does Make Random Checks:

I was unable to post for quite a while. The google-bots set my blog aside to check it for unique content versus s-pam posts.

Naturally, my blog checked out a-okay, however, Google sure took a long time to get around to verifying that my posts are original content!

Since I was last able to post, I have advanced nicely in the Gladiatus role-playing game, I am happy to say.

I have attained level 19 with 31+ 'honour' points!

Anyhow, be reminded that Google takes spam seriously - and do make original posts as much as possible so that the big G doesn't label your blog as one with duplicate content.

That's all for now - I have just logged in to Gladiatus and tried to set up for battle in the arena but the competition right now is quite well above my league, so I won't stay in the arena. I'll have to settle for going to pick a different kind of battle at some other location on the map in the game.

BTW - The Gladiatus online game also added a new section on the map in the game. It's called the area of 'Grimwood' and grim, indeed, it is - if you're not careful where you wander!

That's where I'm headed right now - into Grimwood to track down a Bandit for Publican.

Wish me luck!

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Google Does Make Random Checks on Blogs

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gladiatus ROCKS

Gladiatus - Hero of Rome Game:

I have been playing the Glatiatus game for several months now and have finally attainted level 15 bonuses. The main bonus at level 14 is that the amount earned for working in the stables is basically doubled!

Players start with the following details that must be improved upon:
Strength points
Skill points
Agility points
Constitution points
Charisma points

Players also need to keep earning money (on quests, in battle, and with manual labour in the stables).

Players can buy better and better equipment along the way: food (restores health when 'hitpoints' have been decimated in battles and adventures), recipes, amulets, rings, armour, weapons, boosts/charm-spells to increase the value of weapons and other items.

Anyhow - I made it up to level 15, which is a turning point in 'wages' - the amount a player can earn just by working in the stables.

Current Stats for my Player:
Strength: 35 - out of a possible 54
Skill: 44 - out of a possible 66
Agility: 32 - out of a possible 58
Constitution: 45 - out of a possible 69
Charisma: 29 - out of a possible 51

Players do not start out with "0" - Zero values in these areas when they first start the game.

Here are the basic levels you'll have if you join the game:
Strength: 26
Skill: 34
Agility: 29
Constitution: 36
Charisma: 24

Join Gladiatus - Hero of Rome - Online RPG

Come and be a gladiator!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leapster L-Max Some Points to Consider

Leapster L-Max Learning Game Systems:

Many parents DO recognize how both games and making time for 'play' can positively influence the lives of their children. Computer technology combined with learning games can provide some extra mental stimulation that some parents appreciate, and this is what Leapster L-Max Learning Game System provides.

However, there are a couple of points that are drawbacks.

1. Parents need to be careful of putting the 'game' forward to teach their kids and allowing this to educate children instead of parents. In other words, parent need to regulate the time their children spend on computer games, even if these are learning games.

2. Some of the games for the L-Max are not necessarily classified as 'learning games,' so parents have to be aware of which games the child is putting in the system. A few of the games are action games that might promote or evoke a certain amount of violence. With supervision, sometimes games like this are alright for children, but unsupervised activities and lengthy to exposure to some games can be detrimental to a child's learning.

In order to make smart choices about children's games and game systems, parents will need to become familiar with this gaming system. There are different types of 'L-Max' systems, as well as several kinds of games.

Different kinds of games fit into the L-Max gaming systems in the form of 'cartridges,' so that parents can be involved in selecting what kinds of material children encounter with these gaming systems.

Although the Leapfrog shop that sells these systems generally promotes the cartridges as 'learning games,' I just wanted to post and make people aware that there are some cartridges that really aren't 'learning games.'

This doesn't mean that the 'other game' cartridges are BAD - it is just something that parents might want to be aware of and monitor, in case their child or children is sensitive to violence or has particular reactions to action-games that are not within a learning frame. Or simply, a parent might just want to limit how often a child has access to the 'game' cartridges for game-play versus making the 'learning game' cartridges available at all times.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sonic - The Game in A Widget!

Sonic - The Game

Check out this widget! It's a little small but you'll get used to it. All you have to do to start the game is mouse-on the grey-ish bar in the middle of the widget.

That will start the game.

"<--" left arrow key to move left
"-->" right arrow key to move right

Use the down arrow for powerspin and let Sonic really POWER UP!

Spacebar to get Sonic to Jump over obstacles

Hey - you can select 3 characters besides Sonic!

"Tails" really moves in this widget.

I hope you enjoy the game!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earning Currency in Level 2 Human Age

Human Age - Level 2 Currency

Well, I've been in level 2 for several weeks now and am still having problems figuring out how to earn enough to progress through this level.

I've managed to keep my wolf, so that is a bonus, and it doesn't 'cost' extra to keep my pet. A couple of people on my 'friends' list have actually started sending me 'gifts' to boost my 'morale points,' and that is very helpful, so I will keep plodding on, learning how to manage activities in the 'Celts' stage of Human Age.

I am starting to think that this is why 'marriages' are happening a lot in level 2...so that people are teamed up with their resources, helping each other. Hmmmm...